As a business owner, you have to find your audience and encourage them to engage.  

We love turning marketing activity on its head! 

One of the biggest challenges for any business is finding and retaining profitable customers.  First, you have to know who they are.  Second, how to reach them. Then, determine what will make them take action, engage and buy from you.  Competition is tough, why should they choose you?

We’ll analyse what you are doing and what you have done.  We’ll look at the different routes to reach your audience.  We’ll determine what their characteristics are and what will make them engage with you.  We’ll look at your messaging and we’ll put a process in place to help you differentiate yourself from others and ensure you are front of mind when they are ready to buy.

What else can we do?

  • Help you launch a new idea/business
  • Help you increase sales
  • Help you to encourage people to visit your website/shop/book appointments
  • Help you create a marketing plan
  • Help you launch a podcast
  • Teach you how to use social media effectively
  • Help you launch an online shop
  • Create/improve your marketing strategy
  • Create messaging/marketing campaigns
  • Create a content/contact strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Create a recurring revenue stream

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If you’re a Recruiter… 

We’ll help you put a process in place to find the right talent! 

Modern applicants now have the ability to undertake significant background research online into prospective employers before beginning the application process.  It’s now important to integrate the more modern channels and techniques to encourage new talent to apply for roles.  Your team need to fully understand the part that social media plays in finding new talent and for talent to find you.  It’s also key to reduce the cost of recruiting.

What can we do?

  • Give training on how to use social media to find talent
  • Develop, create & deliver a social media strategy
  • Produce engaging & interesting content to find talent and encourage talent to find you
  • Improve your social media presence & engagement
  • Position your company as ‘the place to work’

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Or, book onto one of our Surgeries, where we can help you with any of your recruitment challenges.