Don’t forget to be visible!

 March 1, 2023

I was looking for a restaurant last weekend and two made the cut! So, I decided to check them out on their social media channels.

Restaurant One had updated their Facebook and Instagram, so I knew they were still open and I could get a feel for the restaurant and see the food they served.

Restaurant Two hadn’t posted on their profiles since last July and even then it wasn’t consistent.

So, I chose the one who had been active, and I have to say it was lovely.

There are several reasons why a business needs to be visible:

  • Attracting customers: Visibility is crucial for attracting customers to a business. If people don’t know that a business exists, they won’t be able to buy its products or services. By being visible, a business can attract potential customers and generate more revenue.
  • Building brand awareness: Visibility helps to build brand awareness. A business that is visible is more likely to be recognised by potential customers, and they will be more likely to remember the brand in the future.
  • Establishing credibility: Visibility also helps a business establish credibility in the marketplace. When a business is visible, it shows that it is active and engaged in its industry, which can lead to increased trust and respect from customers.
  • Beating the competition: In today’s competitive business environment, visibility can be the key to beating the competition. A business that is visible is more likely to stand out from its competitors and attract customers away from them.

So, business owners need to show up and be visible as it’s essential for attracting customers, building brand awareness, establishing credibility, and beating the competition