Lockdown NOT Shutdown

 April 27, 2020


I’ve had many questions from my network since we went into lockdown…

  • Should I be selling during this unprecedented time?
  • Should I stop all marketing, my customers aren’t going to buy?
  • Should I continue to promote my business on social media?

The answer: Keep going – change your approach.

Although you need to sell, you may feel guilty selling at this time, even when we are out of lockdown, but you can still keep in touch with your customers – you just need to reframe and adapt your message.

Keeping in front of mind is the aim, and your customers will still want to hear from you.  But, you need to add value and give help.  Those that are still buying will continue, but those who aren’t will remember that you gave help when they needed it, and will come to you when the ‘new normal’ starts.  Many people are not working during this time and are genuinely worried.  As a default, a spirit of humility and empathy should be a filter for anything you say in the near future.

The things that we are buying now aren’t necessarily the things that we would normally buy. Things we are struggling with now, aren’t necessarily things we would normally struggle with.  Your audience needs may have changed.  We are all buying things that suit our situation.  We are also buying in a different way – we’ve had to move to ‘online’ as most of the non-essential shops have stopped trading.

People will still need the things that you sell, it just might not be now, and you will have to deliver them in a different way.  The need doesn’t go away, the method and tone of delivery has to change.

If you have mind monkeys saying ‘I can’t promote my stuff”‘I can’t be seen to be selling’ remove them.  People are never forced to buy what you offer, they do it out of choice.

So, see where you can help, even if you can’t sell at the moment.   Ask your customers how they are and what they need.  Keep in front of mind. It will bring you great rewards.

If you need any help with what to say during this time, just let me know.