Post content, join in conversations and engage!

 July 15, 2020

So, we know that LinkedIn algorithm favours those who engage.

If you like or comment on other people’s posts, they are then more likely to see your future content. The algorithm is more likely to send your content into their feed. LinkedIn will assume that you know each other and that your content is also relevant and interesting to them. If you do not engage in people’s content, they are unlikely to see yours.  You could have high-quality content, but this does not matter if nobody sees it.

If I am busy with client work and do not spend much time on LinkedIn browsing content and engaging, I notice that there is a reduction in my reach. Fewer people see my posts. If I spend time commenting and liking a lot more content, it will return to previous levels.

As well as putting your content out to more people, commenting helps to builds your reputation as a thought-leader, and more people will connect with you, find you credible, and start to trust you. This will help you to start building a community around your personal brand.  LinkedIn is full of people like you who want to connect and use LinkedIn for mutual benefit, but you have to have conversations. It is SOCIAL media.

Also, it might seem obvious, but reply to people who comment on your post sotherwise they may not comment again.