Will you use LinkedIn Stories?

 June 30, 2020

On an average 500 million people watch Instagram Stories a day. So, with Facebook as a brand succeeding at bringing in new audiences to their platforms with stories, have LinkedIn decided that this could be an option for them too?

With stories currently being tested internally, the question for me is – will LinkedIn be able to put a professional twist on the 24-hour story format?  LinkedIn users still want a professional platform to build relationships, they don’t want to necessarily see the content that is normally posted on Instagram and Facebook stories.

The aim will obviously be to encourage conversations and make it easier to communicate, but in a more fun and lighthearted way.   With stories only being visible for 24 hrs, LinkedIn say that social media users prefer to ‘share in the moment’ rather than committing to a permanent feed post.

This has been proved by Instagram with users posting less on their feeds, but creating more stories.

So, what does this mean for you?

This new feature will provide a new, temporary way for you to share information with your professional audience. And, although having another ‘thing’ to contend with might feel overwhelming, there are lots of ways to turn this into a new creative opportunity to support your business goals.

Much like the introduction of Instagram stories, LinkedIn stories will offer a huge opportunity to create stronger, more personable conversations with your audience.

But, you still need to build a content strategy. You still have to consider who your audience are, who you are talking to and why you want to capture their attention.

Understanding the audience you’re talking to, what they are interested in, and what you want to achieve will help to shape your content strategy and keep you on track.

LinkedIn is a huge platform for professional thought leadership, and this new ‘bite-sized’ format is a great way to showcase your knowledge in a fun and engaging way and to gain your audience’s attention.

The stories will only have a short lifespan, which makes them perfect for sharing less polished, off-the-cuff content, as long as it fits in with your strategy.

Just like Instagram stories, it will provide a great way to show a more human and authentic side to your brand on social.

If you’re one of the first few to be using LinkedIn stories, the chances are you’ll be gaining a huge amount of extra airtime with your audience on LinkedIn. Early adopters will set themselves ahead of the competition.

So, will you be using LinkedIn stories?