July 23, 2020

Have you checked your SSI score on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn SSI (Social Selling Index) is a measure of how strong your personal brand is – in terms of the quality of your connections, your interactions and engagement in conversations, and the strength of your professional profile

LinkedIn claims that those who achieve 70 or higher, see 45{75f288e9ca768cce955a9bb5791c151328b004b83ccd83e596fac878249828cc} more opportunities and are 51{75f288e9ca768cce955a9bb5791c151328b004b83ccd83e596fac878249828cc} more likely to hit sales targets.

It awards a maximum of 25 points for each of these ‘pillars’:

✅ Establishing your professional brand

This means filling out your profile sections – photo, headline, summary and experience. Increasing your endorsements, and sharing high quality, helpful and relevant content.

✅ Finding the right people

You need to carry out advanced people searches regularly to find the right people. Also view people’s profiles to show due diligence rather just searching, connecting and messaging.

Try and look at who’s viewed your profile. These are warm prospects, don’t ignore them. Also, something I recently found out – LinkedIn looks at your number of active days.

✅ Engaging with insights

LinkedIn will look at how many likes, comments and shares that you give. It also looks at what you receive.

Reposting other peoples content is key. And, what most do not do – join groups.

And, something else I recently found out…your inMail or connection request response rate.

✅ Building relationships

How many connections do you have? And, what level those connections are. The higher the level the better. Have you connected with members of your team/organisation?

LinkedIn will also look to see the acceptance rate for connection requests.

What’s your score?

Take a look here:

I’d love to see yours.